Brand Assets

Spread the word about responsible jewellery.

The RJC was created to foster consumer confidence in the watch and jewellery industry. By using the RJC brand frequently and correctly, you are deepening consumer trust in our industry. RJC Certified Members receive a unique logo and branding kit to show their commitment to responsible business. Media are encouraged to use the correct RJC logo with respect and consideration.

RJC Certified Members: Click here for certified member logo usage guidelines and assets.

Our name

We operate using the name ‘Responsible Jewellery Council’, which is three words, with no ‘the’ at the beginning. In US markets you may see our name appear as ‘Responsible Jewelry Council’. You may abbreviate our name to ‘RJC’ where our name appears in the first instance ‘Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)’.

Our taglines

Our taglines reflect our belief that responsible business is beautiful. When a business operates responsibly they act with consideration for people, planet, process and purpose. RJC certified members are recognised for their commitment to responsible business. 

Our logo

We always pair our name with our chain link. The chain link is never used without our name. Our preferred logo usage is Ivory on an Aegean Blue background, or Aegean Blue on an Ivory background. White/Black may be used when appearing in materials that are only produced in black and white, or where the logo must appear on a black or white background.

Please do not stretch, squash or alter our logo in anyway.

Our logo always appears on a solid background and never appears on an image.

Our colours

Our primary colours are Aegean Blue and Ivory.

We support our primary colours with one accent (Sunburst) and two secondary colours (Earth, Skye). Black and white are also used.

Please use with consideration

We appreciate your efforts to spread the word about responsible business in the watch and jewellery global supply chain, and trust that you will use our brand assets with care and consideration. Please remember that these graphics and taglines are proprietary and are protected under intellectual property laws.

If you have any questions, please contact our communications team:

Please do:

  • Spread the word about responsible business.
  • Use our logo with consideration and leave plenty of clear space.
  • Use our logo to link to our website, articles and social media channels:

Please don’t: 

  • Use our name, logo or taglines to imply any relationship, affiliation or endorsement by Responsible Jewellery Council of your organisation or product.
  • Modify our brand assets in any way (this includes combining with your own brand assets).


PNG and EPS files are available to download. PNG files are suitable for websites, social media and digital graphics. Downloading our logo files indicates you have read and understood the usage guidance on this page. Do not alter our logo in any way.

Certified members

RJC certified members are recognised for their commitment to responsible business. When you achieve certified status you will receive your certificate and logo with your unique certification number for use on your website, emails and all collateral. Please contact our certification team for more information: